Sigulda, one of the most beautiful of Latvian cities, is now home to Timeline Hotel, a hotel of ephemeral art. We invite you to enjoy all the best traditions of Sigulda – hospitality, tranquillity, beautiful surroundings, bountiful nature and quality of service. The hotel is located in the historical centre of the city – in the ruins of Sigulda Medieval Castle and at Sigulda New Castle. A vast spectrum of visual comforts has been provided as a part of Survival Kit. Standard double, triple, semi-luxury and luxury rooms are available, along with an institutional marriage hall and rooms for people with special aesthetic needs. The rooms have been decorated in various styles: Compost, Electronics, DNA, 22nd Cave Age, Solitary Post-Soviet, Northern Tower, Carpenters’ Bungalow, Maps, Personal Story, Dwelling of the Contemporary Ancestor, Anemone.

This month’s special offer is the Thousand Stars Suite for downshifting aficionados (no reservation necessary).

There are also outdoor bathing facilities in the castle courtyard, as well as refreshing drinks courtesy of Saltavots Spring. The Timeline complex also features a stage for private karaoke sessions, spontaneous art presentations and reasonless celebrations.


Intellectual baggage storage facilities are also available.

In the immediate vicinities of the hotel in Sigulda there are ample opportunities for leisure activities (vertical free fall, Ferris wheel, golf, tennis and paintball, as well as bungee jumping from aerial cableway). Landscape lovers will enjoy nature walks and rafting along the Gauja River.

Timeline Hotel is a place for time-travel to the past, the future and parallel realities. It merges memories and dreams, imaginary lives and factual experience. Located in heterotopia, the space between reality and imagination, the hotel guarantees its visitors a sensory experience of the highest quality.

The hotel will be open 08/09–30/09/2012

Open daily, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.


N.B.: Grand opening of Timeline Hotel: 07/09/2012, 6:30–9:30 p.m.