Symposium "Slow revolution: Art and Culture in the Institutional and Territorial Peripheries" 2013

Revolution as a collective activity usually occurs in a peripheral zone - territorial, ideological, economic or political - and aims at  fundamentally changing the system dictated by the dominant force that is incapable or disinterested in securing public needs. Often, small gestures, interventions in the public space, partisan strategies, and involvement of inhabitants turn into strong impulses that can cause  quite a significant change.

What can an artist, arts organizations and neighbourhood residents existing in the periphery of power do in this era of flourishing civic engagement? What kind of ‘arms’ and tools can be used? What do we want to change in the current situation?



11.00-11.15 – Introduction (Solvita Krese & Inga Lāce)

11.15-11.45 Ase Lovgren (NO) Redraw / Rewrite / Retool

11.45-12.15 Josefina Posch (SE) If you are not living on the edge you´re taking up too much space

12.15-12.45  Paula Topilla (FI) Signals – on art projects possibility to create change

12.45-13.15 Yulia Bardun (RU) Transformations on the margins: from being beyond to working within

13.15-14.30  Coffee break/dinner

14.30-15.00 Kateryna Radchenko (UA) Art as an Alternative Medium in the Context of the Pseudo-democratic Development

15.00.-15.30 Francisco Camacho (NL / CO) Group Marriage Initiative

15.30-16.00 Dāvis Kaņepe (LV) No time!

16.00-16.30 Omer Krieger (IL) New Public Art: situations of body and state

16.30-17.00 Ilya Budraitskis (RU)  In the search of the subject of changes

17.00-17.30  Aida Eltorie (EG) The Changing Room: Altering the Simulation of Space




Participants: Josefina Posch, artist and founder of Snowball Cultural Productions (SE); Åse Løvgren, artist, curator, and part of the collaboration Rakett (NO) with Karolin Tampere (NO); Paula Toppila, curator and director of the contemporary art festival IHME (FI); Yulia Bardun, curator, founder and director of the cultural initiative Tranzit (RU); Francisco Camacho, artist (CO / NL); Omer Krieger, artist and artistic director of the Under the Mountain New Public Art Festival (IL); Kateryna Radchenko, artist and curator (UA); Dāvis Kaņepe, activist and director of “Kaņepes Culture Centre” (LV); Ilya Budraitskis, historian, activist, journalist (RU); Aida Eltorie, curator (EG).

The symposium is organized in the framework of the short-term network where LCCA collaborates with culture project "Snowball Cultural
Productions" in Gothenburg, Sweden, and curators' platform "Rakett" in Bergen, Norway. Short-term network is supported by the Nordic Culture Point.