The international contemporary art festival Survival K(n)it 7 will take place in Riga from 4 to 20 September with over 40 artists and artist collectives participating. Set in the former building of the National Library of Latvia, it will consist of an exhibition and a program of performative events and discussions. The festival is organised and produced by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. 

This is the seventh edition of the annual festival and, following the format of the previous years, Survival K(n)it 7 invites artists to search for creative and alternative modes of survival, reflecting on both local and global social tendencies. The theme of this year’s festival – Survival K(n)it – has been entwined within its name using a wordplay and emphasizes the hidden potential of everyday activities, ‘small things’ to influence wider processes in the society. Within the context of the festival’s theme, knitting as an ordinary pastime symbolises creative initiatives, the interwoven public and private domains, while also underlining socialising and participation.

This year, the former building of the National Library of Latvia will serve as the main venue of the Survival K(n)it 7 festival. It will feature a diverse programme consisting of a contemporary art exhibition, performances, concerts, lectures and discussions. The neo-classical building on Krišjāņa Barona ielā 14 was built in 1910 and hosted the National Library of Latvia from 1956 to 2014, however, it is no longer actively used. Several festival events will take place in the city and over the course of sixteen days will offer visitors a manifold cultural programme, weaving together perspectives from different creative disciplines and social practices and highlighting causal relationships between seemingly insignificant daily pursuits and global changes.

Participating artists: Lawrence Abu Hamdan (UK), Erik Alalooga (EE),  Bani Abidi (PK), David Bernstein (USA / EU), Arturs Bērziņš (LV), Juris Boiko (LV), Liena Bondare (LV), Kristians Brekte (LV), Eglė Budvytytė (LT), Nanna Debois Buhl (DK), Maria Loise Ekman (SE), Kristaps Epners (LV), Ester Fleckner (DK), Nilbar Güreş (TR), Kalle Hamm, Dzamil Kamanger (FI / IR), Gudrun Hasle (DK), Reinis Hofmanis, Dārta Hofmane (LV), Ingela Ihrman (SE), Flo Kasearu (EE), KLĪGA (LV), Andreja Kulunčic (HR), Kalle Laar (DE), Johanna Lecklin (FI), Hardijs Lediņš (LV), Inga Meldere (LV), Robertas Narkus (LT), Katrīna Neiburga (LV), Ingrīda Pičukāne (LV), Jura Shust (BY / BE), Sandra Strēle (LV), Andrejs Strokins (LV), Iiu Susiraja (FI), Vladimirs Svetlovs (LV), Ginta Tinte Vasermane (LV), Anna Volkova (LV), Anna Zvyagintseva (UA), Imants Žodžiks (LV), Okin Collective (KR), Stitch projects (NO).

Survival Kit is the most internationally recognised contemporary art event in Latvia. It started in 2009 as a reaction to the austerity caused by the economic crisis and has continued to invite people to respond to the changes occurring in the world today and to reflect upon the possible survival strategies. Each year, the festival attracts and involves up to 15 000 visitors. The previous edition brought together ninety participants from twenty-five countries. Every year the festival is organised by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Survival K(n)it 7 is curated by Solvita Krese and Inga Lāce.

This year's festival graphic identity is designed by Gatis Trikulis. 

Address: Krišjāņa Barona iela 14, Riga

Opening times: Tue – Fri 2 pm – 8 pm; Sat – Sun 12 – 7 pm

Tickets: 2 EUR, concession (pupils, students, seniors) 1 EUR